The Best Laser Engraver for Beginners? A Wecreat Vision Review!

laser Laser Cutter laser engraved Laser Engraver Review

In this post, we’ll be reviewing the WeCreat Vision: a compact 20W diode laser engraver and laser cutter. Equipped with a built-in HD camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, air assist, and boasting a maximum speed of 600mm/s. The unique design features an inner frame that lifts entirely, eliminating the need for riser bases and constant laser adjustments. With its knife bed removed, it can engrave materials up to 140mm (5.51 inches) in height, and with the rotary attachment installed, it can laser engrave tumblers up to 100mm in diameter.

What’s in the Wecreat Vision box?

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  • Vision 20W laser engraver
  • Air assist pump and hose
  • USB cable
  • 2x Test engravings
  • Exhaust hose and connectors (3 in wide by 5 feet long)
  • 2 Metal bed grates
  • AC power brick

Rotary Attachment items

  • 3 Metal Clamp pegs
  • 3 L shaped clamp pegs
  • 3 Stepped L shape pegs
  • Grease
  • Chuck Wrench
  • Hex Wrenches and Screwdriver
  • Level and Measuring Tape

Wecreat Vision Specifications

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  • Overall Dimensions: L23.19″ x W20.91″ x H9.96″ (589 x 531 x 253mm)
  • Processing Area: 420 x 290mm (16.54″ x 11.42″);
  • Max. Materials Dimensions: 475mm x 318mm (18.70″ x 12.52″);
  • Max. Work Piece Height: 140mm (5.51″) without laser bed, 100mm (3.94″) with laser bed;
  • Rotary Engraving Diameter: 1-100mm (0.04″ – 3.94″)
  • Weight: Gross is 64.8lbs and just the machine is 42.6lbs
  • Max Cutting Thickness: Ashwood 10mm, Basswood 10mm, Cherry 8mm, Walnut 8mm, Black acrylic 8mm, Cardboard 5mm, Denim 3mm, Leather 4mm, Felt 5mm
  • Air Assist: 30Kpa, 30L/min
  • Auto Lifting: 140mm/5.51” without laser bed or 100mm/3.94” with laser bed
  • Supported File Type:  ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘gif’, ‘png’, ‘bmp’, ‘svg’, ‘dxf’, ‘webp’
  • Rated Power: 20W
  • Max. Engraving Speed: 600mm/s
  • Motion Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Z-axis Movement: 140mm (5.51)
  • Lifespan: 10000h
  • Safety Guard: Class I (FDA Certified)
  • Laser Spot: 0.08 * 0.10 mm
  • Autofocus: Laser Radar
  • Camera: close-range camera
  • Number of Pixels (Effective): 12MP
  • Vision Precision: 1mm
  • Image Resolution: 4032*3024
  • Operating Systems: Windows / macOS / iPadOS / Android / iOS
  • Control Software: WeCreat MakeIt!
  • Connection: Wi-Fi, USB
Wecreat vision projects

Features and Design of the Laser Engraver

An issue commonly encountered with open bed laser engravers is the necessity of wearing goggles for safe laser viewing. Despite this precaution, inquisitive children often disregard safety warnings, risking direct exposure to the laser and potential eye damage. The WeCreat addresses this concern by enclosing the entire bed and incorporating a top case crafted from laser-safe orange filter material, negating the need for protective eyewear. Moreover, lifting the lid triggers an immediate laser shutdown, requiring the press of a front button to resume engraving post-closure, a notable safety enhancement.

Unlike many open bed laser systems where additional accessories like air assist pumps, honeycomb beds, cameras, and enclosures must be purchased separately, the WeCreat Vision arrives fully equipped. This comprehensive package streamlines setup with an integrated camera and LED lighting, facilitating precise alignment of designs onto materials and offering a preview of the final engraving before commencement. Consequently, the need for multiple trial runs to achieve optimal positioning is eliminated.

Another common inconvenience with open bed lasers involves manual adjustment of frame height and laser distance to accommodate varying material thicknesses. The WeCreat Vision simplifies this process with its adjustable height, accommodating objects up to 5.51 inches in height. Featuring an auto-focus laser, it minimizes material wastage caused by incorrect laser height settings. Additionally, its X and Y axis movement, facilitated by steel wheels on steel rails, ensures remarkable precision (0.01mm) and durability compared to traditional POM wheels.

Setting Up the WeCreate Vision

One of the significant advantages of the Vision is its near-complete assembly upon arrival. The rear of the machine houses all the necessary connections, resulting in a sleek and uncluttered front panel featuring just one button. Assembly was a breeze; I only needed to attach the WiFi antenna, plug in the USB cable, exhaust hose, power cable, and air assist hose, as well as insert the two bed grates, and it was ready for operation.

WeCreat Makeit software

Currently, the WeCreat Vision exclusively operates with the WeCreat Makeit software, although it does support the import of Lightburn Gcode files. While the Makeit software is relatively straightforward to navigate, it lacks a comprehensive user manual or instructions.

Following material placement, a notable convenience of the WeCreat Vision is the Quickview Matrix. This feature comprises pre-installed material presets, enabling users to select the closest setting to achieve their desired results simply by clicking on the corresponding material swatch. This streamlined approach significantly accelerates the trial-and-error process, often bringing users closer to their desired settings with minimal experimentation, if not on the initial attempt.

Laser Engraving Test

I had some great results on ⅛” Baltic birch plywood, which were comparable to my CO2 laser engraver.

Wecreat wood engraving test

Laser Cutting Test

The Vision was able to cut through ⅛”, ¼” and ⅜” Baltic birch plywood and was also able to cut through ⅝” pine board.

Wecreat laser cutting test

Flat Engraving Results

Wecreate rock engraving
WeCreat Tile Engraving
Laser Leatherette Test
WeCreat Metal Etching Test

Rotary Tool Results

Crafted from durable aluminum, the rotary tool boasts robust construction and includes three sets of feet designed for gripping various objects. Installation is a breeze, necessitating the loosening of two screws to securely position the spike in its designated location before re-tightening. However, once installed, maneuvering items into the rotary tool can be somewhat cumbersome, particularly if the laser is elevated. To enhance accessibility, I found it helpful to utilize a stool for better reach and stability.
We had good results with using the rotary tool for both engraving glass and engraving Stanley tumblers.
Laser Glass Engraving
Wecreate Laser Engraving Stanley tumblers

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