The BEST Hold Downs for Your Laser Cutter: Magnets VS Honeycomb Bed Pins!

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Tired of struggling to secure your materials onto your laser machine's honeycomb bed? Tiring to laser cut warped plywood or other bent woods?
Well, in this post and video, I’ll show you multiple methods to safely and quickly attach material to your laser cutting machine's honeycomb bed.

The first and original method I used as hold downs was magnets.
I typically use three different types of magnets:

For thin materials like veneers, I use small button magnets: Available Here
Button Magnet Hold Downs

For ⅛” (3mm) plywoods I use bar magnets: Available Here
Bar Magent Hold Downs

For thick materials or materials that are very warped, I use these powerful utility magnets: Available Here
utility magnet hold downs

Recently, I’ve moved over to using these honeycomb bed hold down pins I designed. I cut these out from scrap ⅛” baltic birch. They’re great for hold down most materials while having a minimal footprint so they don’t get in the way of your laser head.

I’ve designed these pins in 4 different types and 11 different size to fit most needs and honeycomb bed sizes.

Low Profile Pins:
Low profile hold down pins

T-Shaped Pins:
T-Shaped Hold Down Pins

Easy-pull Pins:
Easy Pull Honeycomb Bed Pins

Stubby Pins:
Stubby honey comb bed hold down pins

You can DOWNLOAD the files for the Honeycomb Bed Hold Down Pins HERE!

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