Shapeoko 5 Pro Review: Is it worth it?

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In the world of CNC machines, the Shapeoko 5 Pro has emerged as a game-changer for small workshops. I’ve had the Shapeoko 5 Pro for a while now and thought it was time for a review!

Shapeoko 5 Pro Review Video Key Points:

0:34 Shapeoko 5 Pro control box
1:19 Shapeoko Power Pendant
1:35 Shapeoko 5 Pro ballscrews and linear rails
2:31 Carbide 3D BitSetter
2:50 Shapeoko 5 Pro size
3:35 Workholding table bed
4:35 Gantry Light
4:53 Sweepy V2 Dust Boot
5:45 Shapeoko 3D Project

Shipping and Assembly of the Shapeoko 5 Pro:

The journey begins with the unboxing experience, and I opted for the Shapeoko 5 Pro 24” x 48”. The packaging impressed me with two large, well-labeled boxes containing the machine's components securely nestled in foam inserts. Carbide 3D's attention to detail in labeling each box, from "Open First" to "Assembly," stood out.

The assembly process was a breeze compared to the previous model, the Shapeoko 3 XL, and the overall assembly speed has been significantly improved. The thoughtful labeling of connections and clear instructions contributed to a smoother process. The assembly video and manual are a great help!

Thoughts on Use:

Initial impressions of the Shapeoko 5 Pro in action were positive. The CNC's ballscrew precision and accuracy, especially in fine details are MUCH improved over the Shapeoko 3 XL that I owned.

Carbide 3D's user-friendly free software is also a great addition.

The CNC machine's new hybrid table is also a major time saver.

Shapeoko 5 Pro Upgrades:

Several upgrades set the Shapeoko 5 Pro apart from its predecessor.
The addition of:
- A power pennant emergency stop button
- An optional VFD spindle
- Enhanced stability of ball screws and rails
- Large size, able to handle a full 4” sheet
- Improved work holding
- Better control box
- LED light strip
- Included dust control with the sweepy 2

While there were only a few minor dislikes, such as the noise level of ball screws and I’d love to see more options in the Carbide Motion control software.


In conclusion, the Shapeoko 5 Pro from Carbide 3D stands out as an excellent choice for small workshops. Its user-friendly design, enhanced features, and thoughtful accessories make it a valuable tool for crafting a variety of projects.

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