DREMEL Circle Cutter & Straight Edge Guide Test & Review

Dremel Review

Today I'm doing a test and review the 678-01 Dremel Circle Cutter & Straight Edge Guide. This neat little Dremel router attachment lets you cut both circles and straight lines with your rotary tool with a lot more precision. It works with rotary tools, Dremel 3000, Dremel 4000, and many other non-Dremel brand rotary tools and is great for cutting cuticles in wood and other material.

DREMEL Circle Cutter & Straight Edge Features:
- Cut circles from 3/4 In. -12 In. (1.9-30 cm)
- Precision stamped steel construction for accuracy and durability
- Attaches quickly and easily without tools
- Depth adjustment allows easy setting of the correct cutting depth
- Comes with a cutting bit.

Get the Dremel 678 Circle Cutter and Straight Edge Guide Here: https://amzn.to/3B4gOx1

Dremel 678 Circle Cutter

Dremel Straight Edge Guide

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